How to print stickers or custom labels by own self at home

Print stickers at home, who’s to say difficult?

Sticker Material there are 2 kinds:
1. Paper, there could memprintnya own at home using the printer, preferably a color laser printer.
2. Plastic, if this material you must use screen printing or to printing with appropriate material

Your own design using Corel software or illustration or Adobe Photoshop, but using office word or power point just for a simple design, can.

Equipment needs to be prepared in addition to materials stickers

1. Sticker paper material that can be printed
2. The computer or laptop, to design the course, and
3. printer, you should use the color laser printer, that printer will fade and spill plain that hit the water.

Untuh the plastic sticker material, you can create one using scissors, namely by cutting and then affixed to:

The ingredients are:
1. Stickers Transparent Plastic transparant
2. scissors, a ruler, and a cutter


Make a sticker designs that can be cut or just writing it …. you can also create a design on paper first ssebelum designed on a computer.
2. After the design is considered ready and steady, print outlinenya …. preferably using Corel software or Office Word.
3. Edit the desired image in the computer, can use the program Corel Draw or Photoshop, Pursuant you are able to do or you mastered
4. printlah image that has been edited on sticker paper HVS
5. Place sticker on top of clear, be careful when paste, beside been stuck and neatly, gently stick entirely to the top of the image by using a ruler, so that no air bubbles in it.
6. outboard carefully, and Clean up your incorrect use of a ruler to right dg
oh yes, the goal of clear sticker ditempelin because let color fastness en ga ga surely fade
6. after taped everything and neat, cut according to taste, can follow the flow of images or rectangular, can also use a scissors or cutter whose tip taper, so you can easily make up the stroke.

And this is the result of some stickers that I make and the kids are excited to by-by this:

Here’s How to Make Your Own Stickers Using Printers

This result so after affixed stickers transparent
Make Your Own Stickers congratulations Using your own printer at home ya buddy … ??? may be useful ….

How to make CD or DVD Quality Label?

  1. The first you must to have a Color laser Digital Printer
  2. Make a Best Design
  3. Print in a best stickers or or glossy Label
  4. Choose the right quality and purpose to the stickers/label to get best printed out
  5. Be carefull to full onto the disk